Information needed for Technical Support

To log a case, the Support Liaisons can contact MicroStrategy Technical Support via any of the methods in Technical Support. Upon logging a Case, the Support Liaison will receive a case identification number for future reference.

When logging a case, be prepared to provide the following information.  

If the Support Liaison is unable to reach MicroStrategy Technical Support by phone, the Support Liaison can leave a voice mail message or contact Technical Support via email. The Support Liaison should include the following information in his/her message:  

To help your Technical Support representative work with you to resolve the issue promptly and efficiently, be prepared to provide the following information about your issue:

If the issue requires additional investigation or testing, you and the Technical Support representative will agree on certain action items to be performed. You should perform any agreed-upon actions before contacting Technical Support again regarding this issue. If the Technical Support representative is responsible for an action item, you can call Technical Support at any time to inquire about the status of the issue.